Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has a bad name due to unfair reportage – Dr. Kwabena Twum

Dr. Kwabena Twum play videoDr. Kwabena TwumThe Health Committee Chairman and medical doctor of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Dr. Kwabena Twum has expressed his disappointment about the poor media reportage often made about the facility.According to Dr Twum there is usually a one-sided bad report of the services and quality of the hospital, which has over the years tinted the reputation of the hospital.Dr. Twum made the statement during a media interview at the Innovation Summit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, held at the hospital’s premises earlier today, February 5, 2020. “Korle Bu is a very big hospital, as you know, the foremost hospital in Ghana. They do a lot, but unfortunately, we always see them or hear about them for the wrong reasons,” he stated.He mentioned the ‘no bed’ scandal in December 2019, where the hospital had little resources, including beds available at the Accident and Emergency Centre (A&E) to cater for the large, overcrowded number of patients as a classic case of unfair reportage.“Usually we are in the news for the wrong reasons like people not getting beds to sleep in when they come here,” he bemoaned. He applauded the hospital’s staff and board members for the Innovation Summit which shined the light on the innovatory mechanisms the Doctors and Nurses have birthed to improve and treat diseases, using robust technology. “This is a good opportunity for them to showcase some of the good things they are doing in the hospital, and I believe it will make the public have a lot of confidence in Korle Bu, that they can rely on them in times of need. And what we’ve witnessed so far is really mind-boggling,” he concluded.Watch the video below: